Financial Planning

A financial plan is vital in every stage of life.

We work alongside you to gain a thorough knowledge of your current financial situation. Then we construct a plan with recommendations tailored to your specific aspirations. Our service then becomes focussed on monitoring and continually revisiting the plan to adapt to ever-changing circumstances.

Investing for capital growth

Investing for capital growth can be for a specific reason such as:

  • Education fees for children/grandchildren
  • Buying a new home (or holiday home)in the future
  • To supplement income in retirement
  • To accumulate a fund to pass on to the next generation

A portfolio of investments can include

bank / building society savings accounts; National savings accounts; Equity investments; Property funds; Bonds; Commodities; Etc.

The selected portfolio will reflect the clients attitude to risk and the likely timescale of the investment.

The strategy will reflect our status as Independent Financial Advisors acting on your behalf.

Managing your retirement fund in retirement

Changes to legislation over the past 15 to 20 years means more choice and more flexibility on how you use your pension funds than ever before.

With choice and flexibility comes the need for advice. What you decide now can impact on your financial situation for the rest of your life.

Advice can extend to:

  • Annuity purchase
  • Drawdown
  • Total encashment of pension plans and a mixture of the options

The solution may involve Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) and an investment strategy for your funds in retirement.

The options chosen will include a person’s background such as age and health, their financial dependants, the size of the pension fund, their attitude to risk, their other savings, and their income objectives.

Planning for retirement

Starting to plan for retirement can never start too soon. Paying into a pension plan is not the only means of providing for retirement but the tax efficiency of such plans means they usually form at least a part of most peoples strategy.

Building a business investing in property, inherited wealth, investing for the long term but with access to at least part of the funds in an emergency can all form part of the plan.

Provide income now or in the future

Meeting a client’s need for income can involve a complex mixture of pensions monies on deposit monies invested for growth in income and growth in capital.

We can bring all this together in a plan designed for tax efficiency and to meet your personal level of acceptable risk.

Protecting those you love

Protection can be a vital part of any financial plan. Ensuring an individuals financial security for when it is needed most.

The risk to a family’s security caused by death, serious ill health and long term disability can be devastating.

Investment strategies

These will differ considerably to take into account the following:

  • Whether growth or income is required
  • The length of time the monies can be invested
  • The individuals tax situation
  • The degree of risk acceptable to the client
  • The economic circumstances at the time of the investment

Agreed strategies will be monitored on an ongoing basis and adjusted as appropriate.

Tax planning

Our strategies will take into account the clients tax situation and to ensure full advantage is taken of all allowances, this will include Income tax, Capital gains tax, inheritance tax and other tax-efficient allowances such as pension contribution allowances.

Long term care planning

As we live longer planning for the costs of long term care either for a relative or for yourself becomes an important priority. Each case is likely to be very different and as a result a very much bespoke solution is likely to be required.

We are happy to advise on how to incorporate this in your overall financial plans.

ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Investing

ESG has grown over the past number of years from an specialised form of investing to a more mainstream investment strategy. From it’s earlier incarnations of “Ethical Investing”, it comprises strict standards for a company’s operations that investors may wish to use to avoid or reduce exposure to certain companies. Bloomberg estimates that global ESG assets are on track to reach $53 trillion by year end, more than double that from 2016. Here at MBS, we work in conjunction with several Investment Managers who provide access to these funds, as well as robust qualitative research tools. I have attached a link to a 2 minute video provided by Fidelity that gives a brief summary of what ESG investing is.

Independent advice

It is vital to know that the advice we give is independent advice.

We act with you and we are on your side in providing the very best solutions and using the very best Institutions to meet your needs and requirements

Financial planning is a continually moving strategy


Initially, it begins with establishing contact and establishing a professional arrangement.


Gathering the information required is important


This enables us to develop a plan


We can then make our recommendations


Once agreed we can implement the strategy


Once we implemented it is important to monitor the plans against the changing circumstances of our client’s situation the economic situation and the ever-changing world of investment.

The initial strategy adopted can then be tailored to reflect these new developments

Supporting Professional connections

To ensure a client receives the very best advice we believe it is important to work closely with their Professional advisors such as their accountant or solicitor.

We have developed our business on forging trusted relationships with Professional practices and welcome the opportunity to provide financial support to clients of such practices.

The directors of MBS IFP Ltd have over 40 years experience working with and developing such relationships. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss the matter further.

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